Jack Ricchiuto, Writer

always the beautiful answer who asks a more beautiful question
e.e. cummings

20 time author, I am a writer whose prime genre is crafting questions designed to grow thriving teams, organizations and communities.

The footprint of my 30+ years of experience includes teacher, conference keynote speaker, graduate and post-graduate faculty, business journalist, researcher, entrepreneurship coach and master storyteller. I am the originator of the groundbreaking Agile Canvas model, co-creator of transformational process of network weaving and co-founder of Thrive At Work.

My books include Collaborative Creativity, Accidental Conversations, Project Zen, Appreciative Leadership, Mountain Paths, Conscious Becoming, Instructions from the Cook, The Stories that Connect Us, The Enchantment of Casual Origins, The Joy of Thriving, Ordinary Eyes, The Agile Canvas Field Guide, Abundant Possibilities, The Power Of Circles, Making Sense Of Time, Beyond Recipes, Focus, Smarter Together, Growing Ideas and The Art Of Conversations. I continue the oldest daily blog in Northern Ohio since 2002.

The industries I've served include aerospace, accounting, automotive, biotech, business consulting, consumer products, commercial products, community development, design/build, economic development, education, finance, government, health care, IT, insurance, legal, libraries, manufacturing, marketing, non-profits, organization consulting, publishing, start-ups, sustainability and telecommunications.

I have worked with multi-billion dollar global companies, Silicon Valley investors, aboriginal communities, regional civic networks, foundations, government organizations and non-profits. With a graduate degree focused in positive psychology from Goddard College, I have taught at the Harvard Kennedy School, UC Berkeley and Kent State University. 

My work focuses on facilitating the art of conversations, storytelling, community engagement, strategic planning, culture building, mindfulness, appreciative leadership, innovation, network weaving, collaboration and entrepreneurship.

More on my transformational workshops, the groundbreaking Agile Canvas and my clients & industries

Contact me at jack@jackricchiuto.com.