“Regardless of the project at hand, Jack brings an energizing, positive, thoughtful, and effective approach to every engagement.” Connie Loden, President . “Jack is very adept at working with small, medium, large and extra large gatherings of people. He is also able to design planning processes that maintain clarity in purpose and outcomes.” Errol Mazursky, Executive Director . “I have worked with many consultants over the years for a variety of projects and I can truly say that Jack is by far the most thoughtful, innovative, and results focused expert we have ever worked with.” Valerie McCormack, Executive Director



Over the past 35+ years, Jack has worked with over 2 dozen sectors and 100s of organizations as Engagement Artisan, teaching groups and leaders how to realize their potentials

Aerospace / NASA, Goodyear Aerospace, Lockheed Martin
Automotive / Chrysler, Ford, Allied Signal BioTech / Athersys, Nanofilm, NeoBio
Consumer Products / American Greetings, Kraftmaid, Moen, Ocean Spray
Commercial Products / ABB, Eaton, FedEx, Ridge Tool, Swagelok
Community Development / CNDC, OCNW, RCDG, TWDC
Design/Build / Doty Miller, Pattie Group, Medhurst
Economic Development / Heart of Wisconsin, ACEnet, NPI
Economic Development Consulting / Aquarian Technology Systems, Cobalt Group
Education / CWRU, Evans Solutions, Kent State U, UC Berkeley, University of Charleston, U of N Texas Entrepreneurial Start-Ups / Entrepreneurship Learning Initiative, Ernst & Young
Finance / American Institute of Banking, Fannie Mae, Fed Reserve Bank
Foundations / Dodge Foundation, GMRI, Jump Start, Kaufmann, NPI, Onaben, Switzer
Government / US DOD, Veterans Administration, City of Naples, EPA, USDA
Health Care / Kaiser Permanente, Cleveland Clinic, University Hospitals
IT/Software / Avantia, Hyland Software, IBM, Interactive Media Group Internet
Start-Ups / eBay, Planet KnowHow, SmartCoast
Legal/accounting / Benesch Friedlander, Hausser + Taylor, Thompson Hine
Libraries / Cuyahoga County Public Library, CSU Library, CH-UH Libraries
Manufacturing / Lincoln Electric, Midland Steel, Parker Hannifin, PolyOne
Marketing / Avid, Burges & Burges, Warehouse District Non-Profits / Alberta
Social Services, American Red Cross, Catholic Charities, Jewish Federation Organization
Consulting / Cobalt Group, ERC, Herman Group, ParallaxFusion
Publishing/Media / Viacom, Plain Dealer, Smart Business News
Sustainability / Environmental Leadership Program, Earthday Coalition
Telecommunications /AT&T, MCI, US Cellular

Examples of Jack's success stories in facilitation with partners

Catholic Charities of Cleveland This largest Catholic Charities organization in the US engaged over 500 stakeholders to develop the initial strategies for their second 100 years

Entrepreneurship Learning Institute This Kauffman Foundation award winning global program has changed the face of facilitation in entrepreneurship education.

FedEx Custom Critical This dynamic division of FedEx used the process to streamline its strategic planning and develop approaches that are inspired by long term vision

Gulf of Maine Research Institute This fishing industry funder used agile planning to develop unprecedented planning collaborations among scientists, fishermen, and management

Heart of Wisconsin This economic development non-profit engaged industry sectors to develop direction and momentum for new ways to grow their local business economy

Onaben This foundation dedicated to capacity building with First Nation aboriginal leaders reinvented the way to create new futures together.

Smithers Oasis This multinational company in the floral industry used the process across global markets to focus its growth and launch new product categories

University of North Texas This 40K student campus leveraged the process to launch new academic and programmatic strategies in one of its premier and thriving colleges

USDA This complex public policy and practice organization used agile planning to organize dozens of new projects from a region of 11 Midwestern states