The Art Of Conversations

This 4 hour intensive workshop focuses on the art and power of connecting conversations, based on the recently released "The Art of Conversations" (2016 DesigningLife Books.)

Being productive, smarter and creative together is not a given for a team of competent people. A team of competent people can flounder more than flourish. When we flourish, it's because we have a culture of connecting conversations. Only in a culture of connecting conversations can we flourish in a world of unprecedented change, complexity and connectivity.

In this engaging, informative and experiential workshop, participants:

  • Learn what the latest science and research tells us about connecting conversations Make new questions the key to connecting conversations
  • Move from tense and awkward to connecting conversations
  • Use connecting conversations to build a culture of trust
  • Turn anemic meetings into practices of rich conversations

The workshop introduces several of the 200+ conversational habits presented in the book including those related to the 5 universal conversational genres, the pattern language of good and bad conversations, the art of feedback and advice, beautiful questions, talking to anyone about anything and managing personalities, personas and landmines in conversations. The workshop draws from the findings of the global study done for the book. It is designed to accommodate any size group, in local, virtual and blended formats.