Evan Ishida is currently the Co-Founder of a new startup called Knowledge Post, which connects organizations with professional learning providers and their services. In his role he brings over 10 years of experience supporting strategic learning and talent development efforts for companies of multiple sizes.  

Evan’s work as a Performance Consultant began at Nationwide Insurance where he led teams that built workshops, online learning solutions, and process improvement engagements.  He then moved to Eaton Corporation, where he spent 8 years building a global team responsible for creating strategic learning plans for various functions.

He also works as a consultant alongside Jack Ricchiuto in deploying the Agile Canvas. Evan is also a certified practitioner and facilitator of  EiQInnovation’s “Everyday Innovators” workshop and an expert facilitator for Thrive@Work.

Evan was a founding member and current board chair of a startup nonprofit called, Engage! Cleveland. This organization aims to attract, engage and retain young professional talent in Northeast Ohio. Evan co-authored the business plan and strategy and currently serves as Board Chair.


Jack Ricchiuto is a 16-time author whose work celebrates his life as a writer. He designs and facilitates workshops on a variety of topics including innovation, leadership, facilitation, storytelling, planning, community building, network weaving, happiness and entrepreneurship.

Over the past 3 decades, Jack has worked in over two dozen industry sectors with hundreds of organizations and communities across the US and globally. He has worked with multi-national companies and non-profits like IBM, PayPal, NASA, American Red Cross, FedEx, Federal Reserve Bank, USDA, Smuckers and investment leaders from Silicon Valley and has taught in graduate and post-graduate programs at Harvard Kennedy Business School, UC Berkeley, Vanderbilt and Kent State University. 

Jack earned a graduate degree in positive psychology from Goddard College and was trained by global leaders in American, European and Japanese therapeutic transformation models. He was one of the first web site designers, bloggers and social media and network experts. He is a partner with Ernst & Young, Thrive@Work, The Auorm Group and Learn2Story. 

Jack's books include Collaborative Creativity, Accidental Conversations, Project Zen, Appreciative Leadership, Mountain Paths, Conscious Becoming, Instructions from the Cook, The Stories that Connect Us, The Enchantment of Casual Origins, The Joy of Thriving, Ordinary Eyes, The Agile Planning Field Guide, Abundant Possibilities, The Power Of Circles, Making Sense Of Time and Beyond Recipes