Drawing from Jack's book "The Joy Of Thriving" the ever-growing science on happiness continues to demonstrate that happier people at work outperform their less happy peers on many performance, engagement and well-being indicators.

In this introductory workshop, participants learn how to use specific habits to take ownership of their happiness at work in ways that are directly relevant to their organization's success. Everything they learn also applies immediately to their personal lives, that when happier, adds to the work-life spiral dynamic.

The workshop is based on Jack's 10 book, "The Joy Of Thriving" (2012 DesigningLife Books) that presents primary and secondary happiness research and practical guidelines for happier personal lives, organizations and communities. #wellbeing #optimalperformance #internallocusofcontrol

What the workshop addresses:

  • How we can reclaim ownership of our happiness in our work and personal life
  • 5 daily happiness habits from the research on the happiest people on the planet
  • Skillful ways to make quick transitions from unhappiness to happiness
  • 3 ways for teams to design happiness into their culture and everyday work
  • How happiness impacts all levels of success and performance in organizations
  • What leaders can do to create a culture of happiness at work