The Agile Canvas 3.0: Getting the right things done at the right time

The 3.0 iteration of the Agile Canvas simplifies the powerful model to a two-step dance: Questions and Sprints. It still works well with any scope of decision, planning and collaboration effort. It still excels with any size and diversity of group and any complexity of focus. The model continues the Agile Canvas promise: The right things will always get done at the right time. It is the most adaptable way to navigate in a world of unprecedented change, complexity and connectivity.

Questions are what we need to research and decide. Each gets a beginning and completion timestamp. Questions are inspired by identifying our working knowns, intentions, assumptions, unknowns and concerns.

Sprints are what we will begin and complete every 2 weeks. Sprints engage what we will decide, research, build, test and launch. We plan the details of each sprint every two weeks.

The significant difference between iterations 3.0 and 2.0 is the way Intentions work. In 3.0 Intentions are still success and progress indicators. Here, they exist to inspire more and better questions. Questions make us smarter together; sprints make us faster together. The velocity and value of our outcomes always equal the quality and timing of our questions.

Success in this process is answering our highest and deepest questions through the actions in our sprints. It is based on the observation that the most honest relationship we can have with an unknowable future is with questions rather than assumptions.