Why We Don't Focus On Weaknesses & Deficiencies

Account to old, pre-science mythologies, the only way for things to improve is to have enough conversations about weaknesses and deficiencies.

Supoorted by science, we now know that focus on weaknesses is the shortest path to maintaining the status quo. The only reason we ever succeed is because we have engaged our abilities in new ways. Focus on weaknesses diminishes confidence, courage and trust. This is true whether we're taking about individuals, teams or communities. 

In the worst cases, talking about what we lack becomes a denial of our assets. Reality is, we can't do anything with what we lack except make it a source of excuses. We move forward in the realization of our dreams when we instead focus actively on the abilities we have. In our communities we talk about the resources, champions, early adopters and available assets we have and we engage them in small actions toward our dreams.