The Anatomy Of Courage

Many of us believe that the realization of our largest, deepest dreams will take courage. Courage is the harvest reaped after planting, nurturing, protecting and growing small seeds of new actions. No one wakes up to great courage. It is cultivated in steps, one new action at a time. Courage does not deny or eliminate uncertainties. Courage does what can be done in the face of the thousand that cannot.

Courage does not come from external pride, promises or permissions. It doesn't require the absence of weaknesses, limitations and constraints. It comes from commitment to possible actions inspired by improbable dreams. It's Rosa Parks showing up as a defiant bus passenger in the Civil Rights movement after a long arduous journey of being trained to do just that, for that reason, on that day that marked a milestone in social justice. Courage: one new action at a time in the cumulutaion of wow.