The Agile Canvas Practice Of Presence

The Agile Canvas continues to be a simple, skillful way of working together, on anything. With the elegance of only three elements, it keeps us aligned, realistic and productive together. 

Most importantly, it is a practice of presence which is significant because our ability to be present together makes creativity, courage and connectivity more possible. 

In its simplest form, the Canvas asks three questions that can organize any scale and scope of working together. 

1. What do you want to see

2. What do you want to know

3. What do you want to do

We can offer these in any conversation, any collaboration, any meeting. It doesn't matter if we have two or twenty people. It doesn't matter what people bring up, what kind of attitude space they're in, what their agendas are, how well they are or aren't listening or showing up. It doesn't matter if the work at hand is simple or complex, whether we have enough time or resources, or what kinds of problems and opportunities we might have.

All we need to do to bring about optimal engagement is offer any or all of these three simple, powerful questions: What do you want to see, know and do?

In a world where we make things so far more complicated and difficult than they need be, these questions are magical in how they create instant focus of presence that makes all the difference in the world.