From differences, new ideas

We come to the new idea table from our generational, gender, training and experience differences. These differences can be the basis of tensions, conflicts and being out of sync with each other. And they can be resources for aligning and being smarter together. 

It comes down to how we respond to each other's ideas. Some ways of responding grow ideas. These are the five idea nutrients I'd like, so, and, when and else. Like is acknowledging the upsides to an idea. So are our questions for further clarification. And is an additive feature that can make an idea more workable or valuable. When is defining the best timing for an idea, Else is how else we can optimize an idea's upsides and minimize its downsides. Together these empower differences in the collaborative evolution of ideas.

We can give all kinds of lip service to creativity and innovation. What matters is how we think together.