Should we ever focus on weaknesses?

When I started writing about being strengths-based a decade ago, I proposed that strengths are inner resources supporting our success and weaknesses are poorly timed strengths. Even with the volumes of data since indicating that focus on weaknesses improves nothing and only focus on strengths does, I  continue in my commitment to these definitions.

So, I declare impatience one of my weaknesses. It is a declaration of personal flaw and deficiency and with it some level of shame and guilt.  I restore my sense of wholeness, goodness and worthiness when I realize impatience is a strength because it in fact does support my success in many contexts, as in emergency and crucial situations. It opens space for me to consider which of my many other strengths might be a better timed response. I have demonstrated patience in specific life contexts and just need to work on migrating it to contexts where I used to fail with impatience.

This approach engages our greatest potential.