Conscious and Unconscious Organizations

The science is increasingly suggesting that organizations are dynamic fields of consciousness and unconsciousness.  

In conscious organizations, we give attention and respond to differences. We look at each relationship inside and outside the organization as distinct and worthy of treatment in that distinctions. We notice how every product and service has a different life in each different context. We notice differences in each user, customer, client, student, patient, patron and member. We are responsive to the differences in each peer, team member and leader in the organization.

In unconscious organizations, we disregard differences and uniquenesses with unresponsive systems, processes, policies, roles, rules, scripts and structures.  We try to treat everyone and everything as the same.

All the evidence, and certainly my exprience over the decades across dozens of industries, points to the reality that conscious organizations outperform unconscious organizations on every metric and scale. The good news is that any unconscious organization can learn to become more conscious.