Forget About The Old Career Planning Models

As technologies disrupt economies, jobs will disappear. But learning new skills will keep people in business.

By 2030, more than 2 billion jobs will disappear, roughly 50% of all the jobs on the planet. This is not intended as a doom and gloom scenario, but rather as a wakeup call for the new skillsets we’ll need in the future.

According to McKinsey’s Global Institute, 12 disruptive technologies are at the heart of this disruption: mobile Internet, automation of knowledge and work, Internet of things, cloud technology, advanced robotics, autonomous and near-autonomous vehicles, next-generation genomics, energy storage, 3-D printing, advanced materials, advanced oil and gas exploration and recovery, and renewable energy.

via Disappearing Future 4. Jobs and Workplace Processes | World Future Society

The only way to be authentically and sustainably prepared for this change which is already on is way is to help people increase their capacity for engagement - for new learning, connecting and adapting. These are the core skills that every educational institution needs to test for.