Getting Unstuck At Work

The vast majority of people at work worldwide are disengaged as they go about basically defining success as avoiding trouble. Many feel stuck in their job. They are too disabled by their external locus of control to get work that would hold more meaning and pleasure for them. 

Getting unstuck can happen in a few ways. 

1. Get busy learning

It doesn't matter what it is. It could be learning a new language or taking online classes or learning a new craft. Any new learning energizes us and this energy infuses our work.

2. Make your energy your most important contribution

Make a contagious positive perspective your greatest gift to the people you work with and for. Work on developing an unreasonable brand of positivity. 

3. Have more fun

Let go of the belief that everything must be deadly serious whether it's tasking or meeting. Just the intention not to make everything serious business will make things lighter.