Realizing Our Dreams

One of my favorite questions, especially with people I'm meeting for the first time, is about their dreams. It's interesting how people, after being taken aback by my interest, most often have things to say. It's delightful to see them light up. It's often a question they aadmit to being seldom asked.

At the heart of my interest is wanting to help people realize their dreams. This means their understanding their dreams and then taking micro actions on them. I'm interested in their dreams as they manifest in their lives, at work and in their communities.

Dreams are declarations of possibilities we want to see. They express the heart of our intentions, passion and sense of significance. They are the existential opposites of anxiety, hate and helplessness.

The question of our dreams is a most beautiful question, simple in its power, powerful in its simplicity. It evokes connection and imagination. It engages courage and learning. It is the essence of our thrivancy. 

I also had the rare occasion recently when someone ask me about my dreams. I responded that one of my dreams is to teach people how to realize their dreams - in their lives, at work and in their communities together. It is something my whole life has prepared me for and it is at the heart of my life purpose.