Certain And Uncertain Questions

Uncertain questions are questions that we are unsure have clear, definitive or permanent answers. Certain questions are those we are sure have clear, definitive or permanent answers.

Many of us are unprepared for uncertain questions because of how we were raised and educated. We were given predominantly certain questions that only had right and wrong answers. We were given unquestionable rules and dictates that precluded and preempted any manner of curiosity or inquiry.

We're socialized to feel shame, guilt or anxiety about being uncertain or undecided. It is an intolerable and unacceptable character flaw to not know something, to have questions. Our brain releases the reward chemical dopamine when we think we're right. This is a very addictive emotion.

We have to intentionally develop appreciation for uncertain questions. We have to not only make them acceptable, we have to discover their intrinsic value potential.

From the upcoming book 21, The Way Of Questions.