Happiness At Work As Disruptive Technology

Many of the global 80% disengaged employees and leaders don't expect work to be a signficant and source of happiness. It's hard to imagine happiness in an environment of tedious work and bosses. 

The good news is that thanks to science and innovation, intentional happiness is finally becoming an emerging disruptive technology. Intentional happiness is the ability to grow our own happiness. We don't have to outsource our happiness and make it dependent on the inevitable ups and downs of any business. We don't have to rely on external feedback, performance reports, hierarchical support, peer approval, resource adequacies or a predictable world for our happiness.

We learn how to grow our own intentional and contagious happiness that positively impacts our sense of meaning and mastery at work. We learn happines habits like appreciation, focus and self-care. This is the disruptive technology of happiness at work.