Making Learning Intrinsic To Work

One of the prime differentiators between flourishing and stuck teams is their relationship to learning. In stuck teams, learning is instruction you get when you take time away from working. In flourishing teams, learning is intrinsic to work. Learning is continuous because we know how to engage all five core sources of learning in work.




We look at our successes, progress, failures and disappointments and look for patterns for future implications. We extract learning from experiences by creating narratives that deliver new lessons learned.


We use solicited and unsolicited feedback to discover the intended and unintended consequences of our actions, decisions and contributions. We use data from results to draw implications for our future efforts and success. 


We interview and shadow people who already do what we we ant to learn how to start doing or do better. We utilize their artifacts of learning through courses, videos, conversations and written materials.


We learn new things about our world and ourselves through ongoing everyday updates and discoveries. We do this through always having new learning questions about anything unclear, unexplored, uncertain or undecided. 


We gain new skills and insights through experiments with trying new things, taking on new work and new ideas. This kind of action learning is vital when we have to learn our way into creating a new future together.