The Invitation from the Upcoming Book 19: Ideas


I have had the honor to spend the last few decades guiding groups around the world in growing new ideas. They seek dreams their communities never imagined even a generation ago. They seek innovations that disrupt the predictions of spreadsheets. They seek better ways to work, teach, heal, research, build and serve.

Ideas describes 7 idea nutrients that help people grow new ideas together. When people go from stuck to thriving in their collaborative creativity, it's because they have transitioned from conversations as usual. They move beyond trying to come up with their last ideas first. They no longer argue about the worthiness of an idea. They lose interest in being more right than curious. They cease trying to vote their way to their most robust possibilities. They discover a whole new way of thinking about and growing new ideas together.

They respond to each new idea iteration in ways that germinate, cultivate and mature seed ideas into the abundance of something new that works. They create together what no one can create alone. Their new ideas work because they have grown from the rich soil of diverse perspectives.

Our ability to address the issues of these times and realize the dreams we most cherish will always equal our ability to grow new ideas together.