Rethinking accountability as freedom

In the pre-science Industrial Era, we talked a lot about the imperative of "holding people accountable" for their work and results. In this construct, people are essentially untrustworthy, ignorant, or both. Left on their own, they would be unengaged and fairness useless, even with proper compensation for their intrinsic lack of instrinsic motivation. Accountability meant prescribing as much of the world as possible. 

Now that we now know the magic of growing high engagement cultures, we focus less on command and control and more on how much freedom people can feel in their work. Do they feel free to bring their best self to their work, to collaborate instead of compete and isolate, to develop their own capacity with resources available, to act in alignment with other people and teams, to work from their passions and strenghs, to innovate in their work? If they don't feel this free, they will now show up well in their work. Freedom is the new accountability.