Strategic Serendipity

In my second book, Accidental Conversations (2002 DesigningLife Books), I introduce the notion of strategic serendipity. It's the fact that in possibility space, the best things in life happen unplanned.

The paradox of strategic serendipity is that, intentionally and incidentally, by choice and chance, we create the conditions for our own wellbeing and good fortune.  When we reflect on some of our most exceptional and cherished moments, they came about through conditions set up by our own actions. We sat in an empty seat next to a stranger. We took a different path and stumbled on an unpredictable bliss. We deflected from a routine and found ourselves in a juicy place of surprise and discovery.

Question based learning and dreaming opens up possibility space. This is strategic serendipity. We might not be able to plan for it, but we can plan on it.