The Way Of Questions

This is the working title for the next book (21) in progress. It explores how, in a world where uncertainty is a constant, having good questions is more important than having good answers to bad questions. When we feel most alive, focused and connected, it's because we're inspired and engaged by good questions.

Eliminating uncertainty is not a viable option. However much we plan and achieve, every day greets us with as much uncertainty as the last. Having different uncertainties doesn't diminish the amount of uncertainties life gives us. All planning and achieving does is gives us a different set, not scope, of uncertainties. We have as many uncertainties in moments of bliss as we do in hours of blunder. People, teams and communities that thrive have as many uncertainties as those that struggle. The difference is in the quality of their questions.

We do well in uncertainty to the extent that we live from good questions. When we struggle, it's because we're living either from answers and no questions, or from simply bad questions. Because most of us went through conventional education which was answer rather than question based, learning the way of questions is a brand new venture leading to brand new mindsets. We discover our power in a world of intrinsic uncertainty. The only way we're going to co-create the world we most wish to see possible is through cultivating our capacity for good questions.

When we transform what community, love, work and living well means, it will because we will be engaging from the power and possibilities of good questions.