How We Make Meetings Far More Complicated

It doesn't take more than a couple meetings in organizations to notice how human beings are capable of making things more complicated than they need to be. The more complicated we make things, the level of tension exceeds the level of productivity. 

People argue over the causes of what's wrong and spend more time in complaints than their articulation of intentions. They argue over ideas rather than grow them. They divide loyalties over the either-or, and as trust erodes so does commitment to action. They disengage with monologues that in the worst form show up as dominating presentations rather than dialogues. They let things voiced go unposted and therefore lost in unproductive discontinuities. Everyhing the emerges becomes a shiny object that creates a reactive and distracted space. They think more information will make up for lack of wisdom, Focus is lost. 

There are no limits to how we can make anything more complicated than it needs to be. That's why it's so vital to keep focused on the three essential conversations of what we want to see, know and do.