The 4 Conditions of Vibrant Cities

MIT reports on a study by Marco De Nadia at the University of Trento that talks about how he and his team have used public records and social media to empirically validate what Jane Jacobs originally postulated as the four prime conditions of vibrant cities.

"Jacobs argues that vibrant activity can only flourish in cities when the physical environment is diverse. This diversity, she says, requires four conditions. The first is that city districts must serve more than two functions so that they attract people with different purposes at different times of the day and night. Second, city blocks must be small with dense intersections that give pedestrians many opportunities to interact.

The third condition is that buildings must be diverse in terms of age and form to support a mix of low-rent and high-rent tenants. By contrast, an area with exclusively new buildings can only attract businesses and tenants wealthy enough to support the cost of new building. Finally, a district must have a sufficient density of people and buildings."