The Costs Of Managing Unhappy People

Now that we have the knowledge and practice to teach people how to take ownership of their happiness, having unhappy people at work is now more a matter of choice than chance. 

The costs of unhappiness at work are amazing. The list includes high turnover and absenteeism and the resulting customer dissatisfaction, spiraling demands for extrinsic incentives to compensate for lack of passion and engagement, need for more supervision and time wasted in punitive initiatives, lost opportunities from lack of creativity and focus, failed expensive wellness and motivation programs, ineffectual management training efforts, time lost in managing morale issues and debilitating resistance to learning and change. 

Keeping diligent and detailed spreadsheets on these costs is irrelevant until the organization becomes serious about actually teaching people how to take ownership of their happiness. Only then do we see these costs diminish and the benefits of happiness increase.