Learning principles

Here are some core principles, from which we build learning environments and cultures.

The key to managing performance is managing learning; performance capacity grows when learning capacity grows

Learning is core to happiness at work. People leave jobs when they find they are no longer learning in their work

People are most motivated to learn when they learn to have a growth mindset

Most real learning at work happens informally rather than formally

New learning always becomes possible when people engage their existing strengths

Skills are optional, habits are automatic

People lose at least 80% of passive learning and retain over 80% of learning that engages them and is based on their questions

For everything you want people to do, it’s likely there are people in the organization already doing them well

People with best practices can and will share this learning with peers if they have the tools to do so

The most sustainable and least costly learning is learning how to learn, especially how to direct your own learning