How The Canvas Engages Our Strengths

One of the reasons why the Canvas works is because it only requires the strengths people already have. Here are 16 strengths the process is designed to engage in the four conversations of the process.

  • Imagining the future we want to see
  • Dreaming beyond the world we know
  • Listening for themes
  • Recording our contributions to a group
  • Identifying what we don't know
  • Using new learning resources
  • Turning assumptions and concerns into questions
  • Making decisions based in facts
  • Collaborating with others to get things done
  • Organizing tasks in the order they need to be done
  • Estimating how long tasks will take
  • Taking initiative to contribute in an effort
  • Asking for help and offering help
  • Working according to a timeline
  • Assessing the doneness of efforts
  • Learning from feedback and experience