The Agile Canvas & Intrapreneurship

Whether because it's their job or that they have a unique vision of strategy or innovation in the organization, intrapreneurs need an approach to their passion that works. The Agile Canvas delivers on this. 

Each of these efforts begin in the emergence of dreams from a sea of things that are unknown, unclear and undecided. The process succeeds when it is decidedly question based. Dreams need to be translated into new questions. Things we need to research and decide need to be translated into new questions. It is our questions that make us creative, aligned, realistic and adaptive. The experiments we ultimate navigate and proposals we ultimately deliver are solidly grounded in real facts and inspired by real markets.

The Agile Canvas, with its unique structure that is based on questions, strenths and action, optimally supports intrapreneurs as they become shining lights in the future of their organizations.