What happens when people don't work with a sense of freedom

It is no coincidence that the 70 plus percent of employees who work without engagement and passio work in outdated command and control cultures. In command and control, freedom is an asset entitled to the few at the so-called top. The costs of doing business with this kind of culture are incredible.

People don't feel free to take initiative, work from new questions that matter to them, stay transparent to everyone and know what everyone is up to any any point in time. They don't feel free to focus more on their progress and strengths than failures and deficiencies. They don't feel free to organize their own growth and collaborations.

These are permission and approval cultures. They create a sense of mindless compliance that leads to people showing up expecting to work without mindful engagement and passion.  The few achievement addicts carry the largest burden of work for the rest who work hard to get fairly compensated and accommodated for the sacrifice of having to work without purpose, creativity or courage.