A radical call for building strong communities

Journalist Sabastian Junger in his recent TED talk outlines compelling data from the questions about why 22 US vets commit suicide daily and why most vets experience long term PTSD when only a small percent actually engage in direct combat.

It turns out that the defining dynamic is when vets go from very strong cohesive community back to a society that is a weak and actually deeply divided and alienating community. That is precisely what is traumatizing. In other contexts trauma doesn't occur and in fact declines in the presence of strong community. In countries where poverty and violence is high, people are not traumatized when they belong to strong tribes. People in weak communities with far greater middle class wealth experience far more depression and anxiety in comparison.

This is a radical call for the place of building strong community in wholeness and wellbeing. We have to transcend the naive and unrealistic mythology that we can have a better society without building community.