Is it possible to create a thriving culture in a merger?

One of the unique challenges of building thriving cultures is when organizations merge. Most fail. They fail to create together a culture that works. They give lip service to alignment and impose accountability structures which are essentially threats of punishments structures. Both weaken and divide the cultures they're trying to merge. This is exacerbated when the so-called merger is actually experienced as a not to subtle takeover. Top-down commands and controls also only weaken cultures and make cultural cohesion impossible. That's why the vast majority of mergers fail. It's not because of finances or strategies. It's all about culture.

Creating a new thriving culture takes several specific strategies. Leaders must be trained in how to facilitate the growth of new habits. Communication and workflow structures must be instituted to support new levels of integrity, initiative and inclusion. Systems of extrinsic motivators must be eclipsed by engaging people in working with purpose, focus and passion. These represent a decent start in the process of crafting a thriving culture.  They are all possible, and necessary.