Teaching Leaders To Be Strategic

In a new client conversation this morning, our team had the wonderful question about how to teach leaders to be more strategic. 

Let's first acknowledge that people trained and accustomed to working "in the business" need explicit learning in working "on the business" which by definition requires the skill and mind sets to be strategic.  

Being strategic in the sense of intelligent and proactive requires a different set of conversations that emerge from deeper passion, courage and connection that is usually called for in daily meetings and to-do lists. In our process, being strategic happens in new conversations.

People learn how to dream big and translate their dreams into actionable learning and doing In ways that impact the success, growth and sustainability of the organization and all its stakeholders. Doing so, they show up with more passion, courage and connection than ever. They discover there are dreams that can only be realized by all of us rather than by any one of us. They learn to be strategic together.