Thriving In Uncertainty

Life is uncertain.

No matter how detailed our plans, the future remains intrinsically unknowable. We wake up to a universe of unknowns. We don't know what emails and texts we'll get. We don't know where exactly conversations will go.  We don't know what unpredictable ideas and questions will pop up in our consciousness. We don't know what others are up to, what will emerge and shift in their worlds. We don't actually know for certain what we will and won't get done.

When we're most productive, creative and valuable it's when things are no less uncertain. It's an illusion that we have more certainties when we make good things happen. We just happen to be more present. We don't make certainty a requirement for presence. We realize the constant of uncertainty.

When we're present, we see new possibilities more clearly. We have more energy to do things. We have more capacity to enjoy things. We thrive in uncertainty.