How The Agile Canvas Radically Simplifies Planning

In the Agile Canvas approach to planning strategy and projects, we only use the frame of "intention" to signify and describe anything we want to see and make possible. The language simplicity spares us from time wasting and divisve debates on whether something we want should be categorized as a strategy, mission, vision, value, goal, objective, milestone, metric or tactic. The only two characteristics that could differentiate these is scope and timing. Some are larger and longer term than others. 

In the Canvas process, we simply make sure we define scope and timing as accurately as possible for each intention. This results in an elegant continuum of intentions that strongly align in scope and timing.  This allows us to have confidence that working on immediate term intentions will create optimum possibility that longer term intentions will be realized. It also allows us to use our learning and creativity to adapt our intentions accordingly.

We also use the frame of "question" to signify and describe anything we need to research and decide as we move toward our intentions in order.  We frame as questions anything we consider an assumption, unknown or concern. We move in the direction of our highest and deepest intentions at the rate of identifying and resolving our questions.