The Answer To How Is Why

When we struggle with how to navigate unpredictable change and complexity, we wisely shift the question from how to why. The inquiry into our why is the exploration of the possibilities that make us feel most connected to our world.

Knowing our why is not always easy. We are trained to talk more about how and who. We wrongly assume that having a top down why connects us all in whys that hold meaning and alignment for us. Every unaligned team and organization I have ever seen has a boatload of top down whys disguised as things they call missions, visions, values and strategies.

In our work, we connect everyone's deepest whys in a coherence that gives way to genuine alignment in purpose and passion. 

The shift from how to why is important when we get stuck in the either-or debate of opposing and competing agendas, priorities, paths and opportunities. Why illuminates the synthesis of wisdom that makes us smarter together.