What Really Divides Us

It's easy to dramatize divides along the dimensions of political, social, economic, racial, religious. We attribute tensions and alienations to all manner of seemingly intractable differences in culture, ideology, character, genes and fates. 

A simpler narrative is that we simply don't know how to talk to each other. Empathy continues to decline in conversational structures, as it has been for decades. The way we misuse technology accelerates this trend. People who know how to talk to each other are united. They are more connected than at odds with each other.

A most profound question looms at the heart of the matter. Who sees it as their work to help people have better conversations? Certainly most formal leaders don't. People who call themselves facilitators and change agents do, however we have a poverty of these people. Some teachers and spiritual mentors do. We all need to do our part learning the art of conversation and help promote this art as we would any of the other arts. The thrivancy of our world depends on it.