Building community in indigenous villages

How we go about building community in indigenous villages takes on a uniquely different character than how we do this in more so called developed and economically wealthier communities. In these communities, we don't necessarily have adequate resources, leaders or institutions. Everything happens on a grassroots level.

Here are a handful of strategies to consider.

Storytelling for agency

We surface the stories of the ancients, elders and the community narratives to identify the stories of when people helped each other to live, survive and thrive.

Grassroots network weaving

We teach people how to connect people so they can share dreams, help and support so individuals and families can grow. 

Literacy sharing 

We link people who have literacies in reading, writing, repair and technologies with those who want to develop these. 


We form collectives and leverage any available micro-lending, and teach entrepreneurship for new Microenterprise opportunities that can serve the community and beyond. 

Community based education

We redesign education so students gain competencies through serving and supporting community members, especially elders, single mothers and those challenged with independent living.