How the Agile Canvas Facilitates Organic Growth

The Canvas facilitates organic growth. Organic growth is the practice of growth based on a very specific ecology of principles. Here are the related organic growth principles and how they play out in the Canvas environment. 

  • Active nutrients: The process is question and strengths based
  • Serving future generations: Dreaming starts out one generation
  • Efficient use of resources: Every contribution is captured and used in the process
  • Designed for resilience: Priority questions are adjusted with the constant of change
  • Leveraging diversity: The process thrives on diversity of strengths and perspectives
  • Mutually beneficial impacts: We include the voices of those impacted by deliverables
  • Respect for all life forms: Everyone is free to contribute their best

Colloquially, we make references to "letting things grow organically." We talk about self-organizing and holocratic teams and organizations growing organically. We talk about growing communities organically. 

As it turns out, it has nothing to do with just letting things grow with random freedom. It has everything to do with growing anything from a specific ecology of principles, none of which are optional and all are required.