6 prime qualities of successful startup founders

This weekend my good friend and serial entrepreneur now investor, Doug Craver, enumerated from his experience six qualities of effective startup founders.

Subject matter expertise. They have the kind of depth of knowledge about their startup domain and space that allows them to keep asking the best questions. 

Healthy obsession. They have a passion for their adventure while sustaining a balance of interests and commitments in their life. 

Voracious appetite for learning. They never stop inquiring and learning, always looking at any conversation as a rich source of new discoveries. 

Decisions with an eye to the future. Each decision they consider is in the context of possible future implications one and several years out. 

Global vision. They easily vision success across generations and geographies, thinking decades out and how their impacts can have more global significances. 

Team builders. Knowing the enterprise moves to the extent that a strong team forms, they actively do whatever they can to build the social culture of the team.