Rethinking Our Potential

One of the most important questions we live is the question: What is our potential?  What kinds of abilities and passions are we capable of learning and developing?

So much of it has to do with our narratives, what we tell ourselves we are and are not capable of learning and developing. We use past stories of success and failure to construct and sustain our narratives. Our narratives have the power to become self-fulfilling expectations. If we decide we can't grow a certain ability, we likely prove ourselves right. 

Two other factors play into how we think and go about our potential: how conscious we are of our passions and strengths. Passions include our dreams, what matters to us, what we love. Strengths include the abilities that support what we achieve everyday.  I would argue, from research and experience as human being and guide to others on their potential, that the more conscious we are of our passions and strengths, the more potential we narrate and realize in our life.