Breaking Free Of Cognitive Biases

Since about 95% of our thinking happens below our everyday consciousness, cognitive bias operates without our knowing it, until we make a point to become aware of it. The only way to break free of old, limiting biases is by becoming aware of them. Among the many possible strategies, here are a few.

Look at what's not working

Whatever we struggle with, there are unconscious beliefs at work. The simple question of what we are believing in these aspects of our experience reveals hidden biases. 

Look at what you're defensive about

We are irrationally most protective of biases that are outdated for us. Whatever pushes our buttons is likely something associated with unquestioned biases. 

Look at where you are least curious

There are parts of our world about which we are curious and others we are not. The areas we are not are those we are most likely operating from blind biases. 

Just becoming aware of our biases allows us to be more intentional about those we operate from and we become instantly more able to take on more useful truths.