The Secret To Happiness, Really

This always appears as somewhere between an unfulfillable and cheesy proclamation. Really? Can there be a secret to happiness? Actually, everyone is entitled to their own secret as, how and where they find it. 

Those of us who keep up with the latest research and science in happiness and teach people habits of happiness enjoy a unique perspective on this space. When we comb through the science, research and practices, much of it at root comes down to presence

Every habit of happiness brings us more fully into the present. This is true whether we're talking about gratitude, having fun, appreciation, generosity and acting on purpose. All of it brings us more fully in the present. When we feel any form of happiness, it's when we're most fully in the present.

Until we cultivate happiness literacy, we disown our own happiness. We attribute it to things that happen to us. It's a learned form of social superstition, a learned helplessness. When we discover how habits that bring us into the present bring us happiness, we for the first time own our happiness. We discover that moments of happiness always come about in moments of presence. It's that simple and profound.

Happiness becomes an intentional possibility rather than an incidental possession. Our life becomes richer, and we contribute a unique richness to all lives we touch.