What profound educational transformation will take

The NY Times has a piece on AltSchools, founded by a former Google exec, dedicated to reinventing education through micro-schools (30 or so students across 3 grades) and inquiry and tech based learning. Expensive learning time isn't wasted in testing, while other of the many ways to demonstrate competencies are employed. Students learn how to learn, which is incredibly practical and realistic in a world where their phone or wearable will have more up to date knowledge and information, and guides to wisdom, than they could ever glean from formal classroom education.

Of course it's another new approach met with skepticism from people I believe unconsciously resist students become smarter than them in their tech prowess. Their fear that smarter students cannot be controlled, only engaged, is completely accurate. No significant educational transformation will occur until we finally commit ourselves to education that teaches thinking through inquiry, social and emotional intelligence and how to leverage tech to know and share all things knowable and important to flourishing together.