The Shift From Disconnection To Connection

Our work is about connection. Connection through community and leadership, to the present, past and future, in purpose and action, with passion and strengths, from questions and possibility. Connection is the heart of our goodness and greatness. People do and feel their best when they work with a sense of connection. Everything that goes and feels wrong represents some kind of disconnection.

Many workplaces, particularly the vast majority where disengagement is the norm, the root of disengagement is disconnection. The ways disconnection occurs are many. 

Sustaining a culture of reactivity disconnects people from the present, past and future. Planning and decision making based on statements of assumption and mandates disconnects people from better questions. Focus on individual rather than shared perormance and learning disconnects people form each other. The whole attention to deficiencies and failure disconnects people from their strengths. Asking people to comply with elitist vision disconnects them from their own passion. Doing work assignments by compliance rather than initiative disconnects people from their own natural capacity for intrinsic motivation and peer accountability. Emails disconnect people and efforts because they create ongoing non-transparency and divides. Parent-child cultures disconnect people from their creativity and resilience.

Our work is about creatively designing new connection possibilities. When more connection exists, teams and their markets thrive.