5 Irrational Strategic Beliefs

When we talk to organizations that continue outdated strategic planning efforts, we see at least 5 irrational beliefs at work. 

Build it and they will come

This is the belief that people support what they feel compelled to comply with. This sounds good on paper, but it isn't realistic. What's real is that people support and participate in the future they co-create.

The future is what it used to be

This is the belief that we can create a new future with old questions. It is increasingly clear that the future is in many ways unknowable. We can only navigate into a new future with new questions.

Plans are made to the followed

This is the belief that reality is as committed to our plans as we are. The most intelligent plans expect that change is life's constant and are continuously agile. 

Being competitive is key to innovation 

This is the belief that there is a correlation between creativity and a passion for dominating or defending. There is no research that supports this. Innovation comes from market empathy and iterative learning.

Growth requires risk

This is the belief that the more growth we seek, the more risks we invite. Growth is most possible in a continuous process of learning, which is the opposite of risk aversion. Strategic learning is not a risk; reactivity is a risk.

When we introduce new ways of being strategic through the Agile Canavas, organizations overcome these self-constraining and self-defeating irrational beliefs and instead thrive in more realistic ways of growing in their markets.