The Way of Smart Teams

Smart teams work by good questions. They use good questions to organize, plan and decide. They are clear on the vital distinction between good and bad questions. Good questions lead to informed, aligned, creative and focused action.

Here is a sampling of good questions that define and shape smart teams. 

  • What do we really want to create together? 
  • Wha do we know and don't know?
  • Who is committing to do what, when? 

Stuck teams work from assumptions. They work from assumptions about what's expected of them, what everyone actually knows and who's supposed to do what. Managing by assumption makes everything harder and more stressful than it needs to be. It leaves people feeling unaligned and at odds. It leads to more tensions and excuses than results everyone delights in together. When they give attention to questions they are usually bad questions. 

When we say smart teams work from good questions, it's not occasionally or situationally. It is continuously. Creating clarity through inquiry is what helps them navigate the constant of uncertainty.