Smarter Together
Growing Organizations for Velocity, Meaning and Agility
2015 Jack Ricchiuto
DesigningLife Books, Paperback, 140 pages

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   9 Invitation

  11 Context
  13 The smart imperative
  17 Smarter together
  21 Smarter conversations
 40 The 3 principles of smarter conversations
 45 The smart organization

  49 Entrepreneurship

  51 Business not as usual
  52 Empathy
  55 The entrepreneurial organization
  56 Entrepreneurial ROI
  58 Entrepreneurial risks

  61 Smart Structures

  63 Market teams
  66 Project teams
  68 Lead pairs
  69 Circles & communities
  73 Networks 

  77 Smart Tools

  79 Transparency tools
  82 Smart meetings
  86 Work agreements
  90 Talent and market mapping
  95 Smart systems

  97 Smart Culture

  99 Social agreements
 102 Engagement
 103 Growing ideas
 109 Happiness habits
 112 The primacy of learning 

 115 Transition

 117 The transition team
 118 Leadership
 119 Planning
 121 Reviews and compensation
 127 Resource networks

 129 The Transition Checklist

 131 The Promise of Smart Organizations

 135 About the Author


Smarter Together is about how the core difference between smart and stressed organizations is the quality of the conversations that shape everything that happens in them.

People in smart organizations work from the narrative that we are smarter together. People in stressed organizations work from the narrative that one of us can and needs to be smarter than all of us. These narratives shape the character of their conversations. Conversation is destiny.

The book outlines how smart organizations are designed for velocity, meaning and agility. Everyone becomes more entrepreneurial because they listen to their markets more deeply and engage talent more rigorously. Growing smarter organizations is vital to raising the quality of life for everyone on the planet.