The Amazing Power Of Story

Make the difference you want to make with the power of narrative.

  • Ignite interest in a presentation or proposal
  • Kick off a meeting with something that grabs the group's attention
  • Connect in a positive and enduring relationship with someone
  • Influence opinions when facts or ideologies get apathy or resistance
  • Energize your social and web media with inspiring examples of your success
  • Build trust in a group or between groups
Jack was a pleasure to work with in the Storytelling Workshop for our Women In Business Conference. He did a great job of tailoring his material to our needs. During the session, he brought a light touch that was fun, engaging, educational, and extremely inviting. I would gladly work with him again - and plan to.” Conference Organizer, Case Western Reserve University

Stories are without question the most powerful tools we have for connecting, inspiring, educating and influencing. Since the beginning of time they have animated the deep expression of human potentials.

Our workshops uniquely give people practices and principles to unleash the power of narrative in their work and world. They are designed for people who want to use stories to inspire, educate and connect in contexts like marketing and branding, fundraising and development, trust and relationship building, policy and advocacy - anywhere good stories need to be well told.

We have done the same Power of Story workshops with groups of post-Doc scientists, corporate executives, aboriginal tribal leaders, 10 year old emerging writers, community groups, the homeless, funders and entrepreneurs.

The power of narrative adds unique value to increasing the credibility and impact of leadership and data, empowering coaching and mentoring, building new connections and trust quickly in newly formed and merged groups, developing unique and powerful messaging through social and promotional media, fund raising presentations and campaigns.

Participants develop skills in four core narrative dimensions. 

StoryCollecting: Expand your portfolio of available stories for the situations in order to have the right story at the right time and create richer stories that weave stories together

StoryCrafting: Craft well-constructed stories into narratives in a variety of media, shapes and sizes, using a unique StoryBoarding method Jack developed at Harvard Kennedy School

StoryTelling: Deliver stories with clear impact intentions and skillful expression that allows people to personally relate to the story

StoryListening: Listen to other people's stories to help them come more alive and so you can add new stories to your portfolio.

The difference between the half-day introductory and full-day intensive workshops is the depth of principles, practice and feedback participants receive. The workshops draw from Jack's books, "The Stories That Connect Us" and "Making Sense Of Time" as well as story research from film, speech, fiction writing and the neurosciences.


The Stories That Connect Us
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